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After 10 spectacular episodes, Westworld has finished its first season. While I'm not sure how I'm going to make it until to see more, it turns out that there's a much easier way to get your AI fix than time travel. It appears that pretty much the whole cast is active on social media, so whether you want to see Instagram pics from the set - we've all got that friend who makes everything black and white - or you just need to check out Evan Rachel Wood's latest Dubsmash masterpiece, you really should follow this lot.

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While the backlash is fair, a lot of it completely blankets over Logan, who is canonically queer. Logan, played by Ben Barnes, is a main supporting character in the first season. The first time we see him enter the titular Westworld, he leaves arm-in-arm with two hosts one male and one femaleand his ensuing orgy features two women and a man.

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Logan Delos is a main character in the first season of Westworld and a guest character in Season Two. As an experienced guestLogan represents a darker side of humanity among visitors: he's someone who loves 'killing' hosts for the flimsiest of reasons. His family owns Delos, and Logan wants the company to increase its investment in the park.

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Armstrong took one small step on the lunar surface, but the Moon landing led to a giant leap forward in innovations for humanity. As soon as we started planning to send astronauts into space, we faced the problem of what to feed them — and how to ensure the food was safe to eat. Can you imagine getting food poisoning on a spacecraft, hundreds of thousands of miles from home?

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Samira on which Love Island couples will work out.

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Jump to navigation. Popular songs have been used to great emotional effect in cinema. Here, we countdown our favourite instances of musical synergy in film.

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From Digitalspy. There is a video that goes along with the article of their interview with him. Definitely interesting, you can watch it here! And last but not least.

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Ben Barnes There are several sex scenes in Dorian Gray. Was it easy to ravish everyone all day long? I asked the director, Oliver Parker, why every sex scene involved a mask, whip, knife, handcuffs or a feather boa, why there was no non-kink sex in the world of Dorian Gray.

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We caught up with Simpson to talk about building a character when you have virtually no information about him, how the show depicts violence against women, and whether or not we can expect a nude scene from him. I was a bystander at the orgy. It really plays into the scene, so it was great.