Tearing a teenage hymen

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The hymen is the stuff of legend and lore in many cultures, the treasured prize a woman gives her husband on their wedding night. People often do not know what it looks like or what really happens to it when virginity is lost. For example, some of my teen patients have questions about a partner male or female inserting a finger into a vagina.

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When your lover penetrate [sic], it will ooze out a liquid that look [sic] like blood not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable. For this we turn to Carol Roye, a nursing professor at Hunter College and a nurse practitioner who specializes in adolescent primary and reproductive health care.

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Get the facts about a widely misunderstood part of the female anatomy. All we know is that they are. At birth, the doughnut-shaped membrane is prominent and thick, but that changes pretty rapidly.

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Enter your email, then share with, email, or your own personal referral URL. When I was 15 years old, I realized that I had torn my hymen… two years earlier, at During those two years, I had been getting a grip on periods I decided that pads felt gross.

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Is that true or can I use a tampon? Any girl who has her period can use a tampon. Tampons work just as well for girls who are virgins as they do for girls who have had sex.

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The hymen is a thin membrane covering the vaginal opening. It consists of a connective tissue as well as muscle fibers with blood vessels and nerve endings. The hymen is easy to detect.

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Imperforate hymen is usually treated with hymenotomy, and the management after its spontaneous rupture is not very well known. In this paper, we present spontaneous rupture of the imperforate hymen in a year-old adolescent girl with hematocolpometra just before a planned hymenotomy operation. The patient was managed conservatively with a satisfactory outcome.

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The hymen is a structure within the vulvawhich encompasses the female external genitalia. It is a thin piece of mucosal tissue that surrounds and partially covers the vaginal opening also known as the introitus. There is no one right way for the hymen to look.

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You could probably do it, but there's really no need! Your hymen will break or stretch when it needs to. It might happen naturally the first time you use a tampon or insert anything else into your vagina.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex. Hymen was also the Greek god of marriage.


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