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True love means being able to take a poopno matter the time or place. No one should have to keep their crap inside for the comfort of another person. Being open with your partner about your poop is nothing less than a sign of respect, love, and trust.

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A woman named Makela took to Twitter on Tuesday claiming she had a horrific first date involving her own poop. His toilet did not flush. After a bit of a freak out, Makela decided the best thing to do was to grab the poop out of the toilet, wrap it up in plenty of toilet paper and stuff it in her purse.

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You know coffee makes you poop. You know poop shapes are important, tracking your bowel movements is a thing now, and sometimes poop can be green. But even if you've been dropping logs your whole life, there's a lot of weird and wonderful facts you might not know about feces.

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Below you'll find the tale of Makelaa brave soul who, with quick thinking, no shame, and a supreme sense of storytelling, will forevermore be known as the Girl Who Went Viral for Live-Tweeting Her Catastrophic Date Pooping Story. Long story short, Makela went home with a guy who was clearly into her, had to poop, did, discovered his toilet was broken, resorted to desperate measures, and carried some of her own poop around in her bag while her unsuspecting date told her how much he liked her. Without further a-poo come on, it was right there, I had tohere is her story:. There is of course a chance this is all a fake and Makela is just a delightfully imaginative woman, but why invent such a story just for fun?

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Discussion in ' The Vestibule ' started by SvengoolieApr 4, Every Wednesday at 3pm PT. Every Friday at 3PM!

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Watch this hot girl taking a big poop at the top of the stairs. She loves to make a nice disgusting mess on live webcam. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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A Toronto woman became internet famous after tweeting about a first date I am a confident, calm and self assured woman This was a mistake.

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The night was still young, so he invited her over to his house to drink wine and watch a documentary about Scientologyhe wrote on a GoFundMe page. At some point, the unidentified woman asked to use his bathroom. He then claims the woman confessed to reaching into the toilet bowl, wrapping the dookie in tissue paper and throwing it out of the window.

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According to Makela, she drank some coffee before going on a date with a guy. Eventually, she found herself at his house. On her tweets that later went viral, Makela shared how she struggled in such a facepalm-worthy experience.

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Oh God, the Super Bowl bye week. I feel as if all the blood has been drained from my body. No playoff games. No picked up flags.


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