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Trunks: I'm not cute, I'm awesome! Goten heard thunder strike outside of capsule corp, he was spending the night with his best friend Trunks. I'll be forced to live on the streets as a helpless little orphan begging for munny, my dad will have another son who could actually be brave in times like this, he'll completely replace me and soon he-" Goten interrupted this time, "I think your being ridicules, for one," Goten put up one finger, "Your dad hates kids, he'll never have another one and for two," Goten put up another finger, "Bulma wouldn't let him throw you on the streets, and for THREE," Goten put up a third finger, "Your dad loves you because he's your dad and your his son, he wouldn't ever disown you," "That's easy for you to say," Trunks pouted, "You hear stories of how great your dad is all the time, I hear stories about how my dad went on dangerous purging missions and killed people and was forced to live here on earth!

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This was a technique that Goku learned in the afterlife, which allowed two beings to fuse into one and would vastly increase their power. Goku was able to pass this technique on to Goten and Trunks, which allowed them to transform into the mighty entity known as Gotenks. If a manga series becomes popular enough during its run, then it will likely receive databooks that are released by the publisher.

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This page highlights some of the funnier scenes of DBZ; both the dub and Japanese version. I'm going to try and put the episode number along with it too, so you can know exactly what you need, to get to see it for yourself! This number relates to the Japanese episode numbering system.

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It's good to know I already have a few hits for this story. I even got one review telling me to hurry up with the next chapter, so here it is. You mention yaoi and people start reading!

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This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. From: mahboi DBZ seems pretty strict on it too for the most part. I mean, in the bath scene, we only see their butts, which are shoved in our face constantly in American children's cartoons.

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Another form of bath exists known as a showerwhich involves the user to have water sprinkled down on them to wash. When Goku first met Bulmahe did not know what a bath was. Bulma thought he smelled really bad.

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The episode first aired on December 20, Its original American air date was March 31, Satan informs everybody on Earth that Kid Buu is gone for good. Everybody cheers.

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Now, let the party begin. Goten and Trunks were roughhousing in the yard when Gohan got home after school. Goten and Trunks exchanged knowing glances.

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