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A Fox News host has been accused of sending unsolicited sex texts to female colleagues at the scandal-hit network. Eric Bolling, 54, allegedly sent pictures of male genitalia to two women working at Fox Business and another at Fox News several years ago. The women, who wish to remain anonymous, claimed they recognised Mr Bolling's number when they received the "deeply upsetting" images after meeting him at work.

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She is still under contract with the network. Regular readers might remember Tantaros from that time she called campus rape a "war on boys"; or maybe that other time when she said Hillary Clinton lured Trump into saying women should be punished for getting illegal abortions; what about that other other time she claimed public school health initiatives give kids "mental problems? Tantaros's new book, "Tied Up in Knots," became available Tuesday.

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In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Andrea Tantaros says Ailes, who is now reportedly an advisor to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trumprepeatedly made inappropriate sexually charged comments to her and about her co-workers, and then smeared her after she complained about his behavior. Thus, in and continuing throughout her entire tenure at Fox News, Tantaros was repeatedly told by various Fox News wardrobe staffers and executives - male and female - that she could not wear pants on air because "Roger wants to see your legs," the suit says. Ailes would make remarks about Tantaros' appearance - and ramped up his bad behavior in August of when he called her in for a meeting in his office, the suit says.

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Among the incendiary claims: Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown came on to her and put his hands on her waist, and her complaints to Bill Shine, who is now leading Fox News, went ignored. Tantaros claims she was taken off the network after she complained about Ailes and others, which is reminiscent of how Carlson says was shuffled off-air after she spoke out to Fox News brass. Tantaros, filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, is the latest round in a contentious volley that began in late winter, when Fox claimed she had breached her employment contract by writing a book without receiving network approval. The lawsuit, which you can read heresays, "Fox News masquerades as a defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny," and says of the environment of intimidation, "Ailes did not act alone.

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Her suit is the latest chapter in a saga that has fascinated the media industry and which has already resulted in the ouster of Ailes from the TV network he guided for about two decades. Ailes left Fox News last month in the wake of an internal investigation that is believed to have turned up evidence of several female employees at the operation being harassed sexually during their time of employment. Ailes has denied all allegations, the first of which were made by Gretchen Carlson, another former Fox News Channel anchor who alleged her contract at the network was terminated after she complained about how women were treated at the news network.

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Scott Brown. Both have denied the allegations. The misconduct, she claimed, was condoned by top brass at Fox News, some of whom were promoted in the wake of Ailes' widely publicized departure in July.

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Tantaros says that during her six years at the network, Ailes repeatedly made sexual comments toward her, such as discussing how she would look in a bikini and speculating about the sexual habits of other Fox News employees. Ailes resigned last month after another former anchor, Gretchen Carlson, filed a lawsuit alleging that she was fired for refusing his advances. Per the Times :.

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District Court Judge George B. Daniels ruled Tantaros failed to provide any evidence to back her allegations that she was surveilled by Fox News executives in retaliation for making sexual harassment complaints against them. The claim came after a state Supreme Court judge moved that her sexual harassment suit against Fox News should be brought to an arbitrator as stipulated in her contract.

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This is a rush transcript from "The Five," August 5, This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. You're not going to believe this.